Peace Lutheran Church Community Spiritual Center
Ministry Partners 

There are five congregations that share worship, educational, and fellowship space at the Peace Lutheran Community Spiritual Center.

Loving Restoration Ministries    Led by Pastor Earl Wright, Jr., a gifted preacher & talented musician, & Evangelist Elaine P. Wright, a soul stirring evangelist for Jesus.  "Loving Restoration Ministries" is affiliated with the Church of God in Christ & Greater Miller Memorial Church in Warren, MI.   LRM meets in the sanctuary on Sundays for worship from 8:30 AM to 9:45 AM.   Phone: (248) 854-1807   Email:   Evangelist White's website is found at

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Restoration Ministries --  India   "Restoration Ministries" is a non-denominational congregation that welcomes all people.  RM is lead by Pastor M.S. Joshua -- a well known pastor among Asian Indians, a  powerful preacher of the Word,  and a well gifted Bible teacher with 35 years of experience.  Sunday School & Adult Bible classes are held on Sundays at 10 AM in both the English and Indian language.  Praise & worship services are 11 AM in the East Wing of the church building.  Phone:  (586) 219-8692  Email:

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Church Of Abundant Life   Led by Rev. Dr. Benjamin Baker, "Church Of Abundant Life" is a new congregation in the Baptist tradition.  Worship is based upon the Word of God and features Pastor Benjamin's powerful preaching and a gospel choir.  Worship music is played in a Gospel style and includes traditional hymns.  Dr. Baker is also a Sociology professor at the University of Michigan. Worship begins at 11:30 AM in the sanctuary.   He teaches a Bible class at 6:30 PM on Tuesdays.  AFL enjoys fellowship after the service.   Phone:  313/971-9814   Email:  Website:

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Peace Quilters

Peace Quilters have been making and distributing quilts to those in need
for nearly 50 years.
Pastor Elikarimu Gayewi

Pastor Elli, his wife Anna, and family

Pastor Elikarimu Gayewi has been a missionary friend and partner in Tanzania since 2001.   In the last few years, Pastor Elli has served as the director of a special ministry to a group of people known as the "Barabaig pastoralists" -- a nomadic people that inhabit the Northern and Central parts of Tanzania.  Their livelihood depends mainly on livestock keeping. They raise and herd cattle, goats and sheep, to provide them with milk and meat and they sell some of their animals for exchange with grain for food.

Pastoralists are traditionally mobile, following the availability of pastures and water. This kind of mobility poses to them a threat of landlessness. Very few are Christians among them, but they accept and appreciate Pastor Elli who preaches to them in their mother tougue and teaches them about land use planning and ownership, as that would help them not to lose their land.

Recently he wrote this to Peace:  "I thank the Lord as more and more people are becoming Christians and more are aware of protecting their land as a gift from God!

Dear Tim I should not forget your kindness – you personally, your good family, and the good people of Peace! Please greet them for me! Please greet the ladies of Peace who kindly gave me those nice quilts!"

We are glad to know and support Pastor Elli and recently helped him set up a Facebook account.

Pastor Elli receiving a gift of quilts for his family from Peace on July 4th, 2001.

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