Peace Lutheran Church Community Spiritual Center

         Peace Lutheran helps  support a neighborhood TimeBank for people in our area.  A TimeBank is a network of people who help one another.  When you spend an hour to do something for an individual or group, with TimeBanking, you will earn one Time Dollar. Then you can use that TimeBank dollar to buy one hour of a neighbor's time or engage in a group activity offered by a neighbor.  If you would like to learn more about Friends & Neighbors TimeBank, visit our website:  

What is a Time Bank?

A Time Bank is a community system where a person who volunteers one hour of their time helping someone else gains an hour time credit.  They can then use that time credit or their accrued time credits to receive help from someone else.  

Everyone's time is equal no matter what each hour is spent doing!

1 hour of help = 1 time hour.

Why should I get involved?

Get to know your neighborhood: friendly exchanges between community members makes for stronger, more interactive and safer communities. 

Most of us enjoy 
helping our neighbors from time to time. However, knowing who could use our help, or where to direct our skills is more difficult: A Timebank can put people together.

Here is the opportunity to get the 
tasks you struggle with (or just don’t like!) done.  Everyone has a whole heap of day to day chores, some we prefer more than others and everyone has different preferences.  So, get out, meet some new people, do the jobs you prefer, and get someone else to do the chores you like the least. 

Life can be tough and sometimes you just need a hand. A Timebank 
can put you in touch with people who enjoy (or find easy) your difficult tasks; they in turn can use the Timebank to address their own difficult tasks.

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